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AAB are one of the UK’s largest independent manufacturers and suppliers of clay facing bricks and have been operating in the UK for over 15 years. During that time, they have built up a considerable amount of knowledge and experience of the UK brick market, priding themselves on the professional service they offer to all clients on every project – all the way from product advice and specification to delivery. Over the years AAB have grown to provide 100% UK coverage through a network of distribution centres and today they stock and sell over 400 types of Dutch, Danish and German clay facing bricks, including their own De Risjwaard Baksteen range as well as high quality products from their manufacturing partners Egernsund Tegl, Daas Baksteen and Celina Klinker.Through their close work with a number of architects, AAB identified a clear shift in market demands – no longer were architects purely interested in the sample panel and appearance of a brick – they were also interested in characteristics such as strength, absorption and tolerances. AAB quickly became aware of the benefits of BIM adoption and saw BIM as an opportunity to work more closely with specifiers.Having worked with bimstore in the past with great success and being confident of our position in the marketplace, AAB approached us with their knowledge of market demand to discuss the various options available to them in terms of content creation.Given their comprehensive range of products, a roll out programme was suggested to allow AAB to identify and focus on the key models initially with the aim to build the complete range over a period of time. Based on customer demand, the initial wave of content created by bimstore for AAB consisted of 50 products from a range of 400. 2015 was a year of change for AAB, moving from ‘All About Bricks’ to the ‘AAB’ banner. Their move into BIM was timed to launch with the new brand and digital representation of the business. These efforts were geared to increase brand awareness of AAB as a manufacturer and to promote their dedication to assisting with the whole process – from specification to brick supply. Adopting BIM alongside their new website has allowed ABB, as smaller independent business, to represent themselves on a level playing field with their larger national competitors in terms of innovation and service.

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1. Building Information. Modelling is sweeping the industry and will be mandatory on most projects by 2016.

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