Quality & Environmental Policy

All About Bricks  is commited to the highest standards in supply of our service.

We listen to our clients, continually reviewing our processes of service realisation in line with business needs, maximising the efficiency of our resource management system. The principal elements of our policy are :-


All About Bricks Limited - Our Policy

  • The Board of Directors believes that the environment responsibilities are just as important as the quality of products sold to our customers.
  • These issues are therefore integral to the overall objectives and operating principles of the Company.
  • The Company is fully committed to continuos improvement in both it’s manufacturing and product areas of operation.
  • We seek to prevent pollution of the environment by the adoption of the processes, practices, materials and control mechanisms which maximise the efficient use of resources.
  • We comply with environmental legislation, regulations and other codes of practice adopted by the company (such as industry initiatives) and plan ahead for future requirements.
  • We monitor, evaluate and continously improve environmental performance through the adoption of recognised environmental management systems.
  • We employ best practice to prevent accidents, to prevent pollution, to minimise waste, to maximise the efficient use of resources (materials, fuel and energy) and to ensure effective quality processes and management at every level within the business.
  • Improve employee awareness of environmental issues and encourage the sharing of experience and expertise within our business.
  • Encourage the communication with our suppliers and distributors to exchange best practices.
  • Respond to the needs and concerns of the local community.
  • Strive towards sustainability, balancing today’s needs with those of the future.

The board of All About Bricks Limited are fully commited to the above policy.
We take responsibility for the implementation and sustainability of the policy.